Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend!  On Saturday, we went to Fox Chase Farms for Maple Sugar day.  We didn't get to see any Maple Sugar (It was crowded, and the kids were cranky), but we did see a lot of animals.
Black Cow
White Horse

On Sunday, we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The girls really didn't like it at first.  Once we got to the Armor, they got into it.  They were really happy when we found the family center where they got to make their own art!  These are the Carnivale masks they made:


My favorite part was the Perelman Building.  I liked the Peacock Male and the Alessi exhibitions.  There are pictures on my Flickr if you are interested in that.  I hope now that Spring is almost here, we get to have more busy weekends like this past one.


{ Tess } at: Mar 10, 2011, 6:00:00 PM said...

Love those photos!

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